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About Me

Hello, my name is Mesud Cengiz. I currently work as a Technical Support Representative and have worked as an Electronics Repair Technician. I have developed a COVID-19 data tracker application, a real-time weather data gathering application, and a calculator application with graphical user interface using Java. My hope is to work my way to becoming a Software Developer.


DISCIPLINED I have a hard-working and disciplined personality. If there is a task at hand or a job to do, I will plan accordingly to finish the task in a timely manner.

TEAM MEMBER I deeply value collaborating with team members, and utilizing the benefits of working with others from all backgrounds.

ORGANIZATION Maintaining an organizational approach which allows me to thrive as an employee in various environments. Organizational skills are critical to being able work with Application Virtualization Systems, User Administration Systems, Microsoft Exchange, etc.

TASK/SOLUTION ORIENTED I utilize a task-oriented and solution-oriented approach in all areas of work.

STUDENT I like to explore avenues I have not tread before in hopes to become more than who I am today. There is always more that can be done, and more to be learned.

Work Experience

Secure-24, Technical Support
August 2019 - Present

I currently work as a Technical Support Representative, responding to technical needs of our clients requiring crucial problem solving and troubleshooting abilities. Working as Technical Support has given me the opportunity to explore and understand countless cutting-edge technologies.

March 2019 - August 2019

Working as a Sales Representative has helped serving as a building block to work with team members and providing excellent customer service. Providing the service I would like to receive has been a core lesson I have learned working as a Sales Associate.

The FIX, Electronics Repair Technician
September 2017 - March 2018

Working as an Electronics Repair Technician, I have learned performing tasks requiring utmost delicacy. It has provided me with an excellent skillset, such as working under pressure, accurate deduction and troubleshooting skills.


I am currently a student at Oakland Community College with a GPA of 3.8 and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. I have mainly taken Mathematics and Computer Science classes. My overall knowledge in programming is, however, self-taught. Technology is ever-evolving, and we can never stop educating ourselves if we hope to stay relevant.


Skillset Proficiency
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving10
IT Troubleshooting10
Microsoft Exchange8
Data Structures7

Charting Covid Data

The App

Created a web application using Flask Framework and an API to gather real-time data of active and total cases of Covid per Country. As well as total deaths and total recoveries.

Screenshot of Covid Real Time Data Application


The main challenge of this application was to dynamically create the chart based on the country selected. As in order to do that, we need to gather user input and validate if the country matches the list of countries the API used provides.

Once the searching is completed and the data of the requested country is received. We would have to extract the data provided by the API meaningfully and use the data provided to generate a chart.

Future Improvements

I am currently working on adding an SQLAlchemy database to store all of the data received from the API which will allow me to extract the data directly from a database. This will help to achieve creating a chart where more than one country's data can be viewed by adding multiple datasets to the chart.

Create a search system to provide suggestions, essentially providing an auto-complete system for users to find the country easier.

View the source code here

Real time Weather Data

The App

Created a Weather App which receivs user input with City, State(Optional), and Country. Once the user input is received, the application provides real-time weather data of the location.

Screenshot of Weather Application providing real time weather data


The main challange of this application was to request appropriate data. Unlike the Covid Data Application, the API provides the data based on your request. Once the data is received, used the flask framework to provide separate location data based on whether the optional input of State was provided.

Future Improvements

I will be adding error handling when the city is not found. Additionally, will be adding feature to automatically gather user location to provide real time weather data.

I will additionally create a database to handle weather data requests. Weather data is only updated every 10-15 minutes. Why should we not provide the existing data rather than creating the same request.

View the source code here

Portfolio Website

As I have mentioned, I am looking to work my way to becoming a Software Developer. What better way to start than show what you can do!


Prior to creating any website, you have to work on hosting your website. Once I had my hosting ready, I made sure to use proper frameworks such as BootStrap to make my website responsive for both Desktop and Mobile.

Used JQuery framework to create animations to switch page content information without actually ever leaving the page.

Created a simplistic layout for my webpage utilizing the tools given to me by BootStrap and CSS

Future Improvements

Create a login system to my website for myself to update anyone about my life for anyone who would like to see it.

I will be adding a scripts to update and edit page content directly from the website, without needing the source code.

View the source code here

Contact Me

Primary Email Address: mesuderkam@outlook.com

Primary Phone : (248) 890-2835

Github Link: https://github.com/mesudc